Still Life and Life Drawing Practice

Still Life and Life Drawing Practice

Some of these drawings I am pleased with, others, only parts, and some didn’t gel at all.  It’s fun to practice and experiment with different techniques and mediums. 

And as we all know, art is subjective, that’s the beauty of different opinions and interpretation.  You have to run with that you personally love.

Still Life

Seeing the beauty in everyday objects and natural forms. 

I find there is a peacefulness in studying and painting a still life and something that I very much enjoy practicing.

For the love of Fruit and Pumpkins

Bit of a theme for me – I love drawing fruit and veg.  The colours and shapes I find beautiful and interesting to draw.

The pumpkin is pastel and the tomatoes are painted in acrylic.


The tonal study and the still life with the pink gin bottle are both in oil.  I didn’t get round to finishing the grapes.  But that’s the wonder of oil I can go back to it at some point and add more depth to the piece.

The 3 pumpkins are in pastel.  

The images below didn’t quite work out as planned.  Scale and placement a little off.  But it’s all practice and when I crop the drawings they work a bit better.  

These are mixed media: charcoal, pastel and white emulsion paint and created in 2019.

I am not sure why I decided to include the green jug.  I feel it  works better cropped (see below) and it might be better spliced off completely. 

The pumpkin in the drawing on the right was the only part I was really happy with.

The cropped image on the right below is my Grandpa’s sweet jar.  I love it and every time I see it I think of him.

Life Drawing

I love drawing the human form, and whenever I sketch it always makes me consider how utterly extraordinary we all are.

All of us are captivating in our own beauty.  It’s whether or not we are able to recognize this extraordinary beauty in ourselves as well as each other, and be grateful for who we are, just as we are.

“What we worship in the human body is more than its beautiful shape. It is the inward flame that seems to illuminate it, to shine through it” [August Rodin]

The lovely Ethan is always a pleasure to draw – he has such a lovely smile, but I find trying to capture his amazing muscle tone somewhat difficult.  [Sold]

These sketches of Leah and Annie are from when I started to draw again in 2019.  My technique drawing with charcoal has definitely changed over the past 2 years and I would like to revisit these poses again at some point.

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