About Me

Ailsa Johnson

I love to paint.  It brings me great enjoyment and peace.  It helps me to stop thinking about a past irritation or a future worry, and to enjoy the present moment of creating.

Inspiration for me comes from everywhere – our extraordinary beautiful natural world [animals, birds, plants, the landscape], but also colours, light, textures and pattern, or poetry, song lyrics or something I’ve read.

As a child I spent hours colouring and drawing.  I did attend art college with the intention of a creative career, but for me it didn’t work out that way and everyday pressures of life took over.

I didn’t paint again for many years.  Fortunately though, the twists and turns of life have brought me back to creating, and in February 2019,  I enrolled in an evening art class to test out if I could still draw.  Now there is no turning back – to create again, feels like I’ve rediscovered a part of me that I had lost.

If I am able to create something that someone else loves that is truly wonderful and I feel extremely honoured by that.

Enjoy browsing through my work and if you would like to know more I would love to hear from you.   Please drop me an email or message me via my Instagram page