College Days

College Days

A few things that I still have from my art college days.  I did an art foundation year, followed by Graphic Design at Bournemouth Art College and final year at Epsom.  Although my first love will always be painting, the years studying graphic design gave me an enormous appreciation for the art of design that permeates all our lives, from industrial and architectural innovations, great lettering on a wine or craft beer bottle, fabric and interiors to film and advertising. 

Primal Life

Gorgeous Red, the wonderful colour of diverse meaning. 

Personally, I like to associate it with life force energy, love and passion and adventure, rather than anger and danger.


Pheasant Study

Watercolour sketch.  I love the shimmering colours of the pheasant and would see them out in the fields strutting their stuff.   

Nature Postcards

Illustration ideas for nature postcards for a project on woodlands. (Pencil)


Illustration idea for a project on the zodiac.  (Pencil)

Abstract Life Drawing

I created this in a life drawing class as a result of being so fed up one day with these lessons. 

I loathed the life drawing classes at college as the teacher was always so patronising and never gave any guidance on how to improve your skills. 

After a year of chastising my drawing skills, he raved about this.  I still thought he was an arse. 

(Charcoal and Pastel on Grey Sugar Paper)

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