Abstraction: Emotion

Abstraction: Emotion

A dear friend and mentor challenged me to express my emotions, feelings and spirituality in art form.  At first I was slightly bemused by this idea, but the more I dipped into the creative possibilities, the more I wanted to experiment and follow this through.

The first 2 pieces were Soul Light and Rebirth of Passion (both mixed media on board).  I loved creating them and want to push these forms and textures further.  Watch this space for future developments…

Soul Light: the divine energy that binds us all as one

This painting was the first foray into exploring the idea of expressing my spirituality and emotion in art form. 

This piece relates to the universal energy that is part of us all, our soul light, ever active, expressing itself through life eternal.

One of my favourite poems by David Jones captures the impression I wanted to create:

“The universe is in your bones, the stars in your soul; it’s never really the end”

Detail showing the texture on the painting:

Rebirth of Passion

The spark in the darkness which ignites into a passion and longing. Elements of this I like, however the overall painting doesn’t capture the feeling that I initially wanted to create, and I will be revisiting this concept and idea.

Initially the idea for this was the love of rediscovering painting, but as I worked on the piece I realised that it was so much more.  It’s about living your life to the fullest, with passion, love and kindness, for yourself and those around you.

Capturing how I want to express this idea can be summed up in the piece of writing by Adrienne Ennis: “….my wild spirit is my deepest truth, my greatest expression and my highest love.  It cannot be contained.  It defies rules and explanations and logic.…”

The whole painting shown above and details of the texture on the painting at the top and below

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